An Independent Insurance Broker Covers You Best.

The Mississauga Society of Insurance Brokers (MIBA) is a voluntary membership organization that was formed in 1978 and incorporated in 1983. MIBA was organized to advance the interest of the Insurance Brokers in the Mississauga area in association with the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO).

In addition to be an Associate of the IBAO, the MIBA provides various functions for the membership by hosting educational seminars, business events and social affairs for its Members.

Broker membership in the MIBA allows Members to have access to the various facilities offered by the IBAO, such as educational seminars, brokerage guidance, regulatory advice for the brokers so they are in compliance with the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (R.I.B.O.) and many other services.

The present membership is comprised of over 45 Brokerages employing hundreds of Registered Brokers, 22 Insurance Companies and Business Enterprises that are relative to the insurance industry allowing them to be Associate Members.

What is an Insurance Broker

A Registered Insurance Broker (RIB) is an independent insurance professional regulated by the Registered Insurance Brokers Act (Ont.). Registered Insurance Brokers have access to many products from a variety of insurance companies that they represent and therefore can offer these options to their clients to provide various forms of protection for all their insurance needs.

All Brokers must meet professional standards established by the R.I.B.O. The professional standards include, Code of Conduct and education qualifications. Every licensed Broker must be bonded, properly licensed and meet ongoing (annual) educational requirements.